Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini Tomb

                                                  Dargah Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini Tomb

Hazrat Syed Shah Yousuf al Hussaini Tomb and his title is Qattal but he is very famous and well known as Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini.One of the asia's biggest tomb located in Hyderabad.
The tomb is 165 feet high and consists of three floors consisting 110 pillars. Each stone pillar is 25 feet in height and according to folklore, it is the tallest tomb in India. The Tomb was built after the death of Shah Raju Qattal Hussaini.

He was born in the year 1002 A.H. in Bejapur city.When he was grown up and he has completed the stages of zaheri (outside)and batini (inside) education under the supervision of his uncle Hazrat Syed Akber Mohammed Mohammed al Hussain and upon completion of above education his uncle after his Bait (pledging spiritual allegiance) has awarded him caliphate. 

Sultan of Golconda Abdullah Qutub Shah has showed him great respect and honour and granted him daily allowance and due to this reason he was free from economic struggle and so he was always busy in the worship and meditation of Allah.

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